Gauke Pieter Sietzema (Sterc), Benjamin Davis ( will welcome everyone to the Bug Hunt through a YouTube Livestream and kick off the day. We'll also help get you started.


Morning hunt. A 4 hour hunting session where we close as many issues as possible.

Status report

Gauke Pieter Sietzema (Sterc) and Benjamin Davis ( will present a short status report, streamed live on YouTube.

Live Disscussion and Talks from the MODX Meetup in Grünwald, Switzerland.

Come see what the MODX community is discussing at this highly anticipated Meetup, streamed live on YouTube.

Closing ceremony

Gauke Pieter Sietzema (Sterc) and Benjamin Davis ( hold a closing ceremony, a review of the rankings, the bugs we fixed and last but not least: the prizes are being awarded!


Celebrate the results of the Bug Hunt with your friends & coworkers. 

We know a lot of diehard MODX community members who won't let themselves stop by a schedule. Therefore the Bug Hunt will naturally continue after the event, without prizes though, but with an amazing community!


Join us!

Want to join us in our glorious efforts to squash MODX bugs? You can! Please visit our page to participate. Want to get involved in organising the event? Or want to livestream from your own office? Just contact the organisers.

Join the hunt!