All Bug Hunt participants whose testing results in a Pull Request getting into the MODX core receives:

1 Free Content Blocks License and 1 amazingly warm and comfortable modmore Beanie, courtesy of modmore.
MODX Cloud Pro package, courtesy of MODX, LLC.

All Bug Hunt participants will receive:

3 Free MODX Extras at MODstore Pro (mSearch2, Office, ms2Gallery), courtesy of MODstore Pro.

1 Free license of Formalicious OR SEO Suite by Sterc.

Winners will be announced on February 9th, in the evening at the MODX Meetup in Switzerland.

Join us!

Want to join us in our glorious efforts to squash MODX bugs? You can! Please visit our page to participate. Want to get involved in organising the event? Or want to livestream from your own office? Just contact the organisers.

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